Sticky Note Holder & Pen And Pencil Holder

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This pencil and pen holder, is a perfect addition to any desk. This holder is customizable for your liking!

Various Size:
- 3.5inches in height, 3inches in depth, and 6.5inches in length for the two section box
- 3.5inches in height, 3inches in depth, and 3.5inches in length for the one section box

How to Order:
- Add this listing to your cart.
- Choose from the variations listed.


**Personalizations will be added to the back of each sign. 

*You can also request a proof of your sign, just please note that requesting proofs will add to the processing time, as Iäó»ll need to create your mockup and wait for your approval.

Processing & Shipping:
- All signs ordered without a proof request will ship out.
- Orders are sent via USPS and/or UPS and typically arrive within 2-3 business days after shipping.

** Each piece of wood is different and absorbs the stain and paint differently. Texture, knots, cracks, and other natural characteristics of the wood may or may not show up in your finished piece. Each piece will have its own unique finished look. All signs that are created in our shop are not identical. Please understand that signs may have letters or parts of the sign that may have needed touch-ups of additional paint after a stencil was used. We do our best to create clean crisp lines, but there are times that paint bleeds under the stencil slightly, when this occurs we make the decision to touch up the spots with a tool to remove the excess paint. Upon peeling off of the stencil, the wood may have bits of tick marks in the wood. These marks are unintentional and therefore, in our opinion add character to a one of a kind sign. They will have imperfections, although we try to get them as close to perfect as we can.

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