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Custom Personal voicemail message QR code with Soundwave

Custom Personal voicemail message QR code with Soundwave

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Personalized Soundwave with QR Code to hear your loved ones.

****Please note***** I do not edit, so please make sure your message is edited they way you would like before sending my way.*****

The QR code on the sign enables you to hear the voice of your loved one on a voice mail or to actually see a video clip of them with your smartphone or tablet.

1) Give us the audio or video clip you want through Etsy messenger or email
2) Send to us the text/title/quote you want to feature. It can be the entire message or only part. (example: "Hey Lauren, I hope you're having a good day so far..." I didn't want my entire audio clip written on my sign only part. please SPECIFY..
3) The QR code is generated from the audio or video and will play upon scanning using a QR code reader or on IPhone you can open your camera and hover over the QR code.
4) We will print your design onto wood and mail it to your recipent.

- Printing and creation: 1-2 weeks
- Shipping: 3-6 business day. It might take slightly longer during this uncertain time

Please message me an image of your recipe through Etsy or emailed to


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